About us

 We believe it's important to introduce ourselves

About us

We believe it's important to introduce ourselves: we are Christianna and Theodore, the current managers of Likasti Apartments. In 2023, we decided to take over the management of the accommodations, starting in an experimental phase to evaluate our experience and interaction with the people. After the summer season, the overall experience was positive.
We are two young individuals, and although we differ in some aspects, our common goals are to enjoy what we do as much as possible and, having built an environment of mutual respect, to share it with all of you, offering a hospitality experience based on mutual respect.

A Few Words About Likasti Apartments

Likasti Apartments began their journey with much love from Christianna's parents, Vicky and Paul. Construction of the apartments started in 2000 and was completed in the spring of 2002. Since then, Likasti Apartments have remained open and have been primarily managed by Christianna's parents, with a lot of personal effort and great pleasure.

The core values we hold towards people and the management of the accommodations remain the same, but at the same time, we seek to bring our own perspective, which is more "youthful," filled with ideas, and adapted to the present era.

Likasti Rent Apartments is a Peacefull residence located in the area of Stafylos Skopelos