Terms and Conditions

Please carefully read the following Terms and Conditions, as they are binding and within the province of the contract between LIKASTI APARTMENTS and yourself, determining each contracting party’s rights and obligations. Please contact us if you have any questions or require any further details or clarifications.

  1. Booking Details

1.1.         The provisions herein, in conjunction with those set out in the Lease Agreement, constitute a single document, and jointly define the terms of the Agreement you will enter for the lease of the property. All  these terms are binding both to you as a Contracting Party, referred to herein as the “Lessee”, to the Agreement and all guests included, who are referred to as “Tenants”.

1.2.         Your acceptance of this Lease Agreement constitutes our conditional offer for the Property’s rental following your expression of interest in renting. This offer is subject to our acknowledgment of the Lease Agreement duly completed and signed by you within 48 hours from the Lease Agreements’ e-mail transmission. If, within the above deadline, we have not received the completed and signed Lease Agreement, our conditional offer will expire, and we will have to cancel your booking.

  1. Payment Conditions

2.1.         For this offer to become a firm booking we kindly ask that you follow the Payment Schedule shown on page 1 of the rental agreement, according to which: The initial Payment of 50% of the total rental amount must be paid into our bank account with IBAN —————————— and beneficiary LIKASTI APARTMENTS. Please use Payment identifier: Lease Agreement & Surname {  … /2022, Name}

2.2.         This payment must be made within 48 hours of receipt of the Lease Agreement sent to you by us. The remaining balance, 50% of the total rent, must be paid within thirty (30) days before the first day of the agreed rental period. Failure to pay the rent within the above deadlines entitles LIKASTI APARTMENTS to cancel your reservation and refuse entry to the property. In this case, the provisions of Article 5.3 of this Regulation relating to the cancellation policy shall apply.

2.3.         In case that your expression of interest and the dispatch of the Lease Agreement is made within thirty (30) days before the first day of the rental period, and in order to confirm your reservation, the total amount of the rent must be deposited into our above bank account within 48 hours from the time you receive the offer (Lease Agreement).

  1. Booking Confirmation

3.1.         Once we have received the Total Amount Payable according to the Payment Schedule, you shall receive, by e-mail, a Booking Confirmation. Please read this confirmation carefully and contact us immediately if any information contained therein is incorrect or incomplete.

  1. Alterations & Cancelation from you (the lessee)

4.1.         If you wish to make any changes to your confirmed booking, you must notify us in writing as soon as possible and, if feasible, we will try to accommodate the proposed changes without additional charges. However, we cannot guarantee that such requests will be fulfilled. If the changes mentioned above result in additional charges, you will be informed in writing of the changes and the cost will be included in our agreement. Article 4 of these terms will apply concerning the payment of the additional fee.

4.2.         If you wish to cancel your reservation, you must inform us immediately in writing. If no replacement reservation is made, the following cancellation policy will apply:

  • More than thirty-one (31) days before the first day of the rental period:

– 50% deposit is non-refundable

  • Within twenty-nine (29) days before the first day of the rental period:

–  The total rental/rent amount 100% (deposit & balance) is non-refundable.

4.3.         The above cancellation charges represent a reasonable estimate of the likely losses caused by your cancelation (e.g., where the Client has booked for two weeks but only amends to one week. In this case, cancellation charges would apply to the second cancelled week). We strongly recommend that you take out appropriate travel insurance which provides cover against loss of deposit or cancellation charges.

  1. Alterations or Cancellation by us (LIKASTI APARTMENTS)

5.1.         In the exceptional circumstance where we can no longer provide you with the Property you have booked, you will be refunded the total amount you have paid to us

5.2.         In the event of force majeure, LIKASTI APARTMENTS will offer you, if possible, alternatives to similar standards to the above options for a different rental period or, if this is not possible, a refund of the amount of money paid within 14 days.

5.3.         In the event that the remaining 50% of the total rent is not paid within the time limit set in Article 2 of the agreement’s conditions, LIKASTI APARTMENTS reserves the right to cancel your reservation. In this case, the amount paid will serve as a cancellation fee and will not be refunded to you, applicable proportionately to those provided for in Article 4.2 of this Regulation.

  1. Check In & Check Out

6.1.         The time of arrival will be between 15:00 – 22:00 local time and the time of departure from the property will be before 11:00 local time, unless otherwise agreed and this is reflected in the written by request on your side. In any case of either flight delays or inconvenience, clients should contact us at the earliest opportunity. All guests arriving before 15:00 will be accommodated as soon as the Villa become available. Check out from 11:00 to 18:00 is at 50% charge on the daily rate and 18:00 onwards at 100% charge on the daily rate.

  1. Use Of Property

7.1.         The Lessee and the other tenants of the property shall use the Property only for the purpose for which it has been let to you (i.e., personal lodging). It is forbidden to use the premises for any commercial use during the rental (e.g., photoshoots, seminars) and/or to hold parties for entertainment or a function involving a large number of invitees unless expressly agreed upon in writing. LIKASTI APARTMENTS reserves the right to ask all guests to leave the property immediately, in case the use of the property takes place in excess of the above terms. In any case, the sub-lease of the property by the Lessee is prohibited.

7.2.         The Lessee and the other tenants of the property must keep the property and its components in the condition they found them on arrival. It is not permitted to change the way the objects of the property are placed and/or to change its decoration in general. Especially furniture placed in the interior of the property must not be transported outdoors and vice versa.

7.3.         In the event of a breach of the above terms, no refund will take place to the Lessee, and he is obliged to pay in addition the amount of any expenses that may result from his or her conduct or the conduct of the other tenants/visitors.

  1. Restrictions – Special Provisions

8.1.         Only the persons listed in the Lease Agreement (page 2) may occupy the property, while the number of guests staying overnight in the property may not surpass the maximum capacity occupancy of the property, (10). LIKASTI APARTMENTS reserves the right to ask all guests to leave the property immediately if their number exceeds the maximum capacity of the property. Pets  are not allowed.

  1. Damages/ Security Deposit

9.1.        LIKASTI APARTMENTS reserves the right to check the property before and at the end of the rental period. The Lessee is responsible for any damage (willful or unintentional) caused to the property and/or to its contents, as well as for any loss of movable objects. These items include all household items, including but not limited to towels, bed linen, crockery, etc. This liability also includes any changes-damages-losses that may be caused to the exterior areas of the property (in any external construction), as well as to the movable things found within (furniture, decoration, plants, etc.).

9.2.         The Lessee is obliged to pay a security deposit for each accommodation. The amount of the deposit is stated in the Lease Agreement sent to you and must be paid on the day of arrival and before the Lessee’s entry into the property.

9.3.         The security deposit shall be refunded to the Lessee no later than 14 days after the end of the rental period and only if no damage or loss has been found at the property. The amount corresponding to the costs of repairing any damage or the amount corresponding to the lost items shall be deducted from the security deposit and the remaining amount shall be returned to the Lessee.

9.4.         Where the costs of repairing the damages or replacing the lost items exceed the amount of the guarantee, the Lessee shall cover the difference by paying the additional amount within seven (7) days of his notice.

9.5.         In addition, the Lessee must pay the costs arising from the loss of any keys granted to him for his stay at the property.

  1. Behavior

10.1.      In the event that LIKASTI APARTMENTS considers that the Lessee and/or any tenant and/or any visitor to the property behaves in a manner that causes or is likely to cause a risk to the property or to any third party, including but not limited to; excessive disturbance or inconvenience to property neighbors, damage or loss to the property or behaves in a manner that generally violates these terms or those stated in the Lease Agreement; LIKASTI APARTMENTS has the right to terminate the contract and ask you to leave the property immediately. In this case, no refund will be granted to the Lessee, and he is required to pay in addition the amount of any expenses that may result from his conduct or the behavior of the other tenants/visitors.

  1. Stay

11.1.      While we, LIKASTI APARTMENTS will do everything in our power to provide you with a trouble-free stay; a villa may malfunction like any other house. We aim to rectify any problem that arises within 24 hours; however, this may not always be feasible because of the time of day, or day of the week, the villa’s location, technicians’ unavailability, etc. If you are dissatisfied with the Property or the service of a Supplier, please contact us immediately. It is a precondition for any compensation that you inform LIKASTI APARTMENTS in writing of all complaints as soon as possible and in any event not after the end of your Rental Period.

11.2.      Please note that Paros may suffer from severe drought problems at periods throughout the year. We kindly ask you to use water sparingly, especially during the summer months. Electricity and water shortages may, and do, occur in some areas, and while we will do everything in our power to re-establish supply or remedy the situation, we cannot be held responsible for the inconvenience such shortages may create.

11.3.      LIKASTI APARTMENTS shall not be liable for any loss of valuables or other items of the Lessee, the tenants or guests of the property who were at the property during the stay. The Lessee and other persons are obliged, during their absence from the property, to secure the property (window sealing, doors locking, safe deposit boxes etc.) In case of lack of attention removed-stolen items from the property the Lessee is obliged to fully recompense the owner of the property for any items damaged, removed, or stolen.

11.4.      The property Manager may enter the estate during reasonable daylight hours for inspection. The Villa’s personnel may enter the property at pre-agreed times, for housekeeping, inventory, and maintenance purposes.

  1. Additional Services

12.1.      Please note that all services shown on our website are available on request at an additional cost by collaboration between a third-party service provider and our Company. In the case that you require any of the additional services that we introduce, please notify us when booking. Although we cannot guarantee availability, we will do our utmost to satisfy your request. All quoted charges will be paid upon arrangements of booking. As soon as your booking is confirmed our property manager will get in touch with you regarding your requests.

  1. Personal Data

3.1.        LIKASTI APARTMENTS acts in accordance with the legislation on the protection of personal data and in particular with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). All our data is provided by you and allows us to process your final booking. Security measures shall be followed to ensure that the visitor data database is not accessible to any unauthorized person. Please be advised that LIKASTI APARTMENTS will have to share certain personal data with third parties such as service providers or its accountant but will not make such data available without your express consent. At the end of your booking, you and all guests participating in the trip automatically agree to all the above terms. In case you do not wish to store your data, other than those necessary for accounting-tax purposes, or if you wish to remove your consent, you can inform us at any time by e-mail.

  1. Applicable Law – Justice

14.1.      All disputes arising between you and LIKASTI APARTMENTS fall under the jurisdiction of the courts of Athens under Greek law. The unconditional acceptance by the Lessee of the above terms is a prerequisite for the rental of the property. By sending the signed Lease Agreement and/or paying 50% or 100% of the rental amount, you accept unconditionally and in full the specific terms of this agreement.