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The route to the city is 4 minutes by car and about 20 minutes away. Villa is the point of the island that offers daily excursions to all attractions with no trouble. The view is panoramic and the magic of the green makes strong presence at every point of the horizon. Enjoy your holidays away from city noise.

Enjoy your breakfast overlooking Skopelos from three different points.

The bus to the beaches of the island is about 150 meters from the entrance of Villa. Within walking distance of supermarket, gas station and small market. There is cooperation on car and bike.


In Skopelos you will find some of the most beautiful Aegean beaches. If you reach the island by boat or rent a boat will have the chance to swim in a beautiful secluded beaches and by car, motorbike or bus is increasing services between Skopelos and Glossa you will find the vast Milia,  small Antrines, the Kastani, Hovolos, Limnonari, Staphylos and Velanio one of the most beautiful beaches of the island that still satisfies the unrepentant nudists and those who resist walking.

The unique Panormo swimming at dusk is an unforgettable experience as you say that swimming in a river with golden waters as the sun sets on the horizon. 



The Folk Museum in the neighborhood of Fragkomahala, which shows the representation of Skopelos accommodation, with all the features of home furnishing tools, objects and functional areas. There is also a superb collection of costumes in all their variants and models of old ships that bring the art of the shipwrights of Skopelos, which was coveted by the City, Galaxidi and Mount Athos. Scholars of history will also find a rich archival material from old documents elders Skopelos, rare books and documents and an extensive photographic archive.

The house museum of writer Paul Nirvana.

The ruins of the temple of Asclepius in Ampeliki in south - east coast of the bay of Skopelos, dating from the 4th century BC .. Past and recent excavations reveal slowly buildings of the era and many tributes, statues and inscriptions, mostly classical and Hellenistic periods. For this monument a schedule full disclosure and promotion of.

The ruins of the Venetian fortress, the Castle. Below the castle lies the citadel of classical times with the wall of the ancient Peparithos, parts of which are preserved in several places. To the west and north-west of the Castle, in boxes "at Kanakis Lakka" and "Backs-St. Kon / nos" there are still a pretty, well walls that held the plateau, where probably were built respectively temples of Athena and Dionysus . Within the area there are many small churches, as St. Athanasius, who was the first cathedral within the fortress city and has wonderful frescoes of the 17th century. Its foundations is oldest sacred pagan period. On top of the castle and found the shop of George Xintaris, one of the last music of certain songs.

The famous "Chests", the unique ancient rock-hewn tombs, probably Late years, Karia the mountains, robbed of the last century. The place is somewhat inaccessible, but an afternoon walk will reward you with panoramic views of surrounding islands.

The churches of the Assumption in the chapel of Ag (domed complex four-columned temple with an inscription of 1676 over the south door and slate roof - like most churches of Skopelos). Inscription above the Great Gate indicates that the temple was built in 1683 by Cretan Anthony Buyer.

The churches of St. Nicholas, the Annunciation (cross dikionios domed temple with the 1669) and Life-Giving Spring, where the miraculous image of the Archangel Michael.

The churches of St. George kyratsos (decorated with a pebble floor and images of the 16th and 17th century), St. Michael Synnadontos, with abundant use of marble sculptures States in masonry, particularly carnivores. In the five-sided apse is built ancient funerary stele. Also of Mary Faneromeni aisle with an inscription of 1711 over the west door and images 17th and 18th century.

To the monastery of the Annunciation with its splendid iconostasis covered by gold leaf. It is built in part inaccessible gorge with excellent views over the city and the fortress-like appearance, coupled with the difficult years where famous pirates ravaged the islands of the Sporades. This monastery is also inextricably linked with the great and wealthy family Daponte. Survives even marble inscription of the family of 1712. The four sides of the high fence occupy the aisle monks' cells, while in the middle of the square area rises the church.

The Monastery of the Transfiguration-dependency of the Monastery of Xenophon of Athos. Located opposite the Monastery of the Annunciation and its foundation must have been somewhere between the 16th and 17th century, surviving even in the single sgilio the Patriarch of Constantinople Cyril B, which was the year 1636 and proclaimed stavropegic, sees it as long existing.

Single still worth visiting is the Virgin Livadiotissas and the Monastery of St John the Baptist (17th century) with amazing interior decoration.



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  • [10-10-2011]

    The island of Skopelos is an island of Northern Sporades. It is the second island in the series after the island of Skiathos. Is approximately 96 sq. km. km, 67 km perimeter. (surface area approximately 210 square kilometers and a circumference of about 60 miles) and a population of 3,500 inhabitants.

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  • [13-10-2011]

    "Skopelos: the island of the legends"..


     History - Location - Morphology

    Population 3,500 inhabitants-Area 96 sq. km.

    The charm of Skopelos captures the visitor from the first surveying before we go ashore.

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