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Likasti Skopelos

Other information

Other information:


Tel. Booking: +30.6989207262 


E-mail: likasti@gmail.com


Stafylos Skopelos Greece




Latest News & Events

  • [10-10-2011]

    The island of Skopelos is an island of Northern Sporades. It is the second island in the series after the island of Skiathos. Is approximately 96 sq. km. km, 67 km perimeter. (surface area approximately 210 square kilometers and a circumference of about 60 miles) and a population of 3,500 inhabitants.

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  • [13-10-2011]

    "Skopelos: the island of the legends"..


     History - Location - Morphology

    Population 3,500 inhabitants-Area 96 sq. km.

    The charm of Skopelos captures the visitor from the first surveying before we go ashore.

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Tel. Booking: +30.6989207262 

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Stafylos - Skopelos